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How to Generate Income from a Loft Conversion

It might never have crossed your mind that you can actually make money from a loft conversion – but the fact is that many people are discovering exactly how to do just that. In these tough economic times every income stream is worth looking at, so whether you’ve already had a loft conversion or are considering getting one, here’s what you should know about making money from it.

Rent the Extra Space Out

This one is subject to the size of your loft conversion. If there’s enough room (or already is) for a bathroom and decent sized bedroom, renting out your loft is a viable option. More people are looking for rented properties than ever before, and renting a room in a house is ideal for single people with lower budgets.

Larger households could even install a kitchen and separate entrance to their loft conversion, effectively turning storage space into a full flat that can generate a tidy sum every month. And where better for a landlord to live than next door/underneath their tenant?

Add Value to Your Home with a Loft Conversion

loft conversions in YorkshireLoft conversions are widely accepted as one of the best investments for your home – and in many cases you don’t need planning permission. Creating extra space in your home adds extra value to the property price, and is a much cheaper option than moving house for more space!

Don’t Forget the Added Insulation

When building a loft conversion most companies will ensure that the proper insulation is in place. If it wasn’t already you’ll likely notice a pleasant drop in your heating bills as there’s much less escaping through the roof, and the living space will be kept warmer from the heat that rises from downstairs. So although loft conversions create extra space in your home, it’s not often they place much more demand on energy bills – if any at all.

So there you have it – the main ways that adding a loft conversion to your home can generate income. With Interloft Conversions, you can even save money on the cost of a loft conversion in Yorkshire with our competitive prices! Covering the entire region including York, Leeds and Harrogate, we’re the top choice for loft conversions in Yorkshire. For more information about our services or generating income from an attic conversion, please call 0800 999 4034 .